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Mixed Class Co-mail

Co-mail reduces postage costs and standardizes delivery times. This process is achieved by collating together mailings of multiple titles / publications that previously would have been mailed independently. When combined in the co-mail process these individual mailings create a much larger mailing, resulting in a higher piece count which increases eligibility for Carrier Route and automation postal discounts. Co-mail changes the mailing presort qualification, or packager make-up, because each titles' file is merged with other participants’ files, and the entire "pool" is presorted into postal destination qualifying pallets. This larger pool has a higher piece count and allows each title to achieve greater postage savings through a combined mailing. These combined mailings increase the potential for deeper injection into the postal system, thereby increasing the eligibility for automation and carrier route discounts.

Drop Shipping

NDC/SCF Consolidation & Transportation Services are provided by our industry leading partners. Co-mail volume is released daily to a cross dock where freight can be consolidated and transported immediately to ensure mail stream penetration on a timely basis.