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About M&D

M&D Printing Co., established in 1936, is an industry leader providing print, binding, fulfillment and logistics services.

In 2002, M&D Printing was one of the first to explore the co-mail industry, taking part in a USPS-driven challenge to invent one of the first co-mail lines in the country. Coming full circle on that beginning, M&D has identified a market that has a need for our services and has updated our custom-built technology to cater to the tabloid market.

M&D's initial co-mail certification was achieved in May of 2004. Since then, we have been successfully co-mailing our own client / publishers titles. In the recessionary years of 2009-2010 it became acutely important for our client's to save money in the areas of postage and distribution. Finally in 2011, M&D purchased a separate facility to house our co-mail operations and extend our services to the printing and publishing industries. In August 2011, M&D achieved an enhanced co-mail certification from the USPS. We can now co-mail mixed-class products which gives our clients the opportunity to schedule their work into any M&D Logistix pool run.

A word about client security. M&D is a long-standing printing company that has launched a mixed class co-mail and logistics platform for the tabloid market. The operations of M&D Logistix is housed in a separate facility. The employees of both M&D Printing, including its sales staff, and M&D Logistix are bound to any Non-Disclosure Agreement that exists between us and our co-mail clients. The M&D Printing sales staff is treated identically as any other client of M&D Logistix. They may schedule a tour with a prospective publisher just as your salesperson may want to tour with their prospective client. Beyond a scheduled tour, our print sales staff is not authorized inside the co-mail facility. M&D Printing launched our Logistix platform for its benefit and the benefit of all printers and publishers of tabloid products. The more volume inside a co-mail pool the more savings that every participant realizes. M&D Printing recognizes its need for outside volume from other printers and will NOT under any circumstance put in question our commitment to client security or our reputation. We understand, as printers ourselves the need to protect your work and your clients security. If there is any concern regarding your or your clients security please call Michael Kingery to discuss this further.